Wolfberry or commonly known as Goji Berry, as the scientific name of Lycium Barbarum has been eaten by ancient Chinese to increase their longevity for centuries. Noble Chinese and Japanese women like to eat Goji Berry as it revitalizes their skins as they have 500 times the amount of Vitamin C as compared to an orange. It also helps removing excess weight, helps with the conversion of food to energy as supposed to lipids, and rejuvenates the cells damaged from chemical or radiation for speedy recovery.

    Goji Berry extracts can be used to relieve coughs, dizziness, boosts body strength, relieves fatigue, and boosts the functions of kidney, lungs, blood, liver, and the eyesight. It also improves the immune systems, fights cancer, reduce the levels of blood cholesterols and sugar in diabetic patients, strengthens blood cells, prevents blood clots, boosts the heart and the white blood cells, improves the reproduction systems, helps with digestion, prevents allergies, relieves stress, and improves the sleeping quality.