Caterpillar fungus

Caterpillar fungus has the scientific name of Ophiocordyceps sinensis, is found in mountainous regions in Tibet by the parasitic fungal using caterpillar as hosts and the fruiting body will grow out from the head of the dead caterpillar in the summer, and is considered a very expensive herb.

It boosts the function of the body and the organs, helps with emotion, have sedation properties, calms the body, improves memory and prevents dementia, reduces the death of brain cells, improves the immune systems, improves the blood vessels, reduces blood sugar levels, helps with blood circulation, expands blood vessels, increases the blood flow to the lungs and heart and increases the oxygen level in the circulation systems, makes the body of diabetic patients more responsive to insulins and better manage the body blood sugar levels, improves the respiratory systems, relieves chronic coughs, cures Pulmonary Emphysema, alleviates chronic bronchitis, reduces fatigue or allergy, slows down the aging process, helps speedy recovery, increases the function of the adrenal gland to help boost the immune systems for patients with kidney problems, slows down the growth of tumor and cancer cells, helps women conceive quickly, regulates the menstrual cycles, improves sexual potency, strengthens the sperms, reduces blood cholesterol levels, and acts as anti-oxidants.