Panax Ginseng

Ginseng is in the Panax Genus of the Araliaceae Family found in the northern hemisphere, Asia, and North America.

       Traditional Chinese medicine has been known to use Ginseng for over 3,000 years. Adaptogens in Ginseng slows down the secretion of the hormone causing stress from the adrenal gland, and helps regulate the blood sugar levels by stimulating the body cells to produce energy, making the body active and refreshed.

       Ginseng also improves the blood and help the liver to get rid of the toxins, regulate blood sugar levels, cleans the blood vessels, removes the plaques from the wall of the blood vessels, removes toxins from the blood, strengthens the platelets, increases the production of white blood cells, prevents Anemia, adjusts blood pressure, prevents blood clots, prevents people from going into a shock during excessive blood loss, helps regulate menstrual cycles and decreases the ovulation pain, stimulates the secretion of insulin, adjusts the Yin-Yang balance, decreases flaring pain during menopause, slows down aging process, helps revitalizing and boosting sexual potency for men.