Ginkgo biloba

Gingko has the scientific name of Ginkgo biloba L., from the Ginkgoaceae Family, and is originated from China and could be found growing in parts of Asia.

       Bioflavonoid is the extract from the leaves of Ginkgo, contains superb anti-oxidant properties, helps prevent the aging process, prevents cancer, stimulates and improves blood circulation to help deliver oxygen to the brain, heart, and other organs, helps prevent dementia, improves concentration and memory retention, helps Alzheimer patients improve their cognitive abilities and become more sociable, suppresses depression for the patients who do not respond to conventional treatments, relieves the muscle pains and cramps, relieves dizziness, tinnitus, or sudden deafness, helps with sexual potency or can be deemed as natural Viagra, prevents Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Retinopathy, and for asthma patients by eating the leaves of Ginkgo would help prevent the contraction of the respiratory tracts.